More Toy Story Land Details Released by Disney

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More Toy Story Land Details Released by Disney

Looks like Disney has released some more information about their ideas for Toy Story Land coming to Hollywood Studios. They plan on creating an atmosphere where you fell like you’ve been shrunk down and are another one of Andy’s toys. Here is the video explaining the details from the source itself.

From the looks of it, they plan on having quite a few other attractions but these are the two explained in the video above:

Alien Swirling Saucers


Inspired from Andy’s toy place from Pizza Planet. It’s a game based ride that involves aliens toeing you around while avoiding the CLAW!

Slinky Dog Dash



Slinky Dog looks like it will be an awesome addition to this portion of the park! You’ll be able to ride in Slinky Dog as you pass over and under all kinds of toys in Andy’s back yard. This new roller coaster is a “Family” coaster attraction which means its for the feint of heart, preggos and little ones. We think the animation in the video didn’t do the ride much justice so we will have to wait and see what it looks like down the road before we make any assumptions.

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