Top 10 things to bring to Disney with you

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Top 10 things to bring to Disney with you

So your trip is planned and now you’re thinking about what to pack. Here is a list of the top 10 items you should bring with you.

Comfortable Shoes / Sneakers

Comfortable shoes are a must. You will be doing a lot of walking standing and maybe even some running. You will want to have a pair that is broken in however not to old. I usually bring a couple pairs of shoes, this way I can switch them out at night.
Themed Option/Men’s Comfort Option/Women’s Comfort Option


Now I am talking about an actual camera, not a camera phone. There is lots to photographs that you will want to take and your phone battery will be low from Snapchatting, and looking up line wait times. You can also ask a photopass photographer to take your pictures with your camera.You also might want to record some of the rides you are going on and memories to be had. Here is what we use to vlog with.

Waterproof option/What we use/Best Option


The sun is very hot in Florida and California. You will almost always need sunscreen no matter the time of the year. You don’t want to pay for it down there so brings lots. We typically bring a spray as well as a lotion. I think the spray for my body and get a really nice lotion for my face. I am really particular about the sunscreen I use on my face, I had a basal cell ( minor form of skin cancer) removed 3 years ago under my eye and I would rather not do that again. Here is what we use:

Best Face Option/Best Body Option


Along with sunscreen, sunglasses are always needed.

Men’s Option/Women’s Option 

Sharpie or pen

This will help with the autographs and also be nice if you want to send postcards. (pro tip: there is a mailbox on main street in Magic Kingdom where you can send letters to friends and families back home)

Autograph Book

You have to get all the characters autographs and this will be a nice memory and souvenirs to bring home.
Traditional Book  



Although you brought comfy shoes you might still get a blister. It never hurts to have some and they don’t take up too much room.
Themed Band-Aids



Once again the sun is hot and you will be moving around alot. There are some areas of shade but all the parks are pretty open. Animal Kingdom has the most amount of shade.

 Mens Themed Hats /Womens Themed Hats /KidsThemed Hats 

Portable Battery/Chargers

With all the pictures you will be taking and sharing it on social media ( because it’s not really true unless you post it on social media) you’re going to need a portable external battery. This way you can recharge on the go. Here’s the one we use.

Portable Battery Chargers


You have to have something to carry the majority of the items of above. Backpack are helpful they carry a lot and fit on all the rides you’ll being going on. Some of our favorite backpacks included ones with hoods, ones with characters on them our some that have coolers built in for food and beverages.

Themed BackpackInsulated BackpackHooded Backpack  

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